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An Open Letter to Elected Officials in the US House & Senate

Congressman Wolf's Letter of Thanks to Patriot Journalist Network
Congressman Griffin's Letter of Thanks to Patriot Journalist Network
Shoutouts From Elected Officials on Twitter

Patriot Journalist Network is an organized group of 3,770 conservative activists on Twitter using the #PJNET hashtag. Our membership has an aggregate 15,231,263 followers. Each of our members have granted permission to our Twitter application to tweet or retweet on their behalf - even if they are not online! We use this permission to amplify the conservative voice of our elected officials in the US House & Senate who tweet a conservative message. There are three "triggers" that will invoke automatic retweets from our membership: Our mission is to amplify the voice of our elected officials in the US House and Senate by RT'ing their conservative message. We do NOT harass, badger, plead with, or otherwise show disrespect for our elected officials. We seek initiatives favorable to the conservative cause taken by our elected officials in the US House & Senate and applaud them publicly on Twitter - LOUD!

We have several other programs to bolster support for our elected officials who advance the conservative cause. One such program is our "Crusades"


"Crusades" are at the core of our Twitter support for conservative initiatives. A special "Crusade" page is set up with the following key ingredients:

Recent Crusades

Crusade Member Tweets
(does not include interactive tweets)
(tweets X followers)
HRes620 160 51,181
HR3199 15 7,236
HRes476 109 22,232
HR 2778 - No Tax Credits to Illegal Aliens 13 8,510
No Net Tax 14 294,732
English as the Official Language of the United States 20 4,543
HR176 - End Free Government Cell Phones 42 53,567
An Open Letter to Congress 546 147,238

With the "Crusade" page built, now it's time to get it noticed. That's where you come in. We ask you to initiate a "kick off" tweet with a link advising the public of the Crusade page as a means of expressing their support for, and encouragement of, those that have cosponsored the legislation. Here are some examples of "kick off" tweets:

Congressman Tim Griffin
Congressman Mike Kelly
Congressman Steve King
Congressman Kevin Brady

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