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Praise! Prayer! Patriotism!
Tuesdays 7pm (Eastern)
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But don't have to wait! You can help right now at the ACTION PAGE (Updated Monday Jul 25, 2016 10:50 AM)
Thinking you need to find a way to combine your LOVE OF GOD with your LOVE OF COUNTRY? We agree!

Meet with like-minded Patriotic Christians, joining forces to:
  • Pray
  • Listen to great Christian music
  • Praise God
  • Share concerns
  • Share victories
  • Send Inspirational and Patriotic Tweets
  • Chat with fellow believers

This will be a safe place for believers and seekers alike, with uplifting content, Biblical inspirations, and meaningful prayer! Expect a unique blend of FUN and FELLOWSHIP with expressions of need for Godís guidance and healing Ė both personally and for our beloved USA!

#PJNET's live events have a proven track record of generating 1000's of tweets with a consistent message and hashtag. Our proven technique has been instrumental in trending hashtags nationally. During the live event, tweet buttons are presented that have a Gospel centered message already filled in and ready for you to tweet. All you do is click the tweet buttons to dispatch the tweet for yourself - adding your voice to the choir of believers on twitter!

But there's more! Each tweet button has an "RT" icon next to it that will list every tweet from those who have participated. All you do is go down the line and retweet others who have participated. It snowballs fast when everyone is supporting one another with retweets.