You've been asked to create a tweet that will be supported by a provided meme, harvest the URL of your finished tweet and send it to a specific twitter account.  Specific instructions on how to do this will follow but first some very useful background information.

Looking at the graphic below, there are 4 areas brought to your attention; 3 by red arrows and the fourth is highlighted in yellow.  (1) Starting at the top left: this is the URL BAR or the ADDRESS BAR of 'where you are' on the internet.  This is important because it is where the URL of your finished tweet will be.  (2) The second arrow points to my bio picture; yours will point to your bio picture.  When you click on this picture a number of options are presented, among them being "View profile."  That's the way I got to the place on the Internet you and I are looking at now.  (3) The third arrow points to the area we all have to click on to open up a "Compose new Tweet" window.  (4) The fourth area to be brought to your attention is toward the bottom of the graphic, is highlighted in yellow and is crucial to our effort.  It's the "time stamp" of the tweet; every tweet has one.  When you click on the time stamp of a tweet, several things happen; the tweet opens up in the largest possible view and THE URL OF THIS TWEET APPEARS IN THE URL BAR/WINDOW.  Now to the specific instructions.

Now, to wordsmith a tweet to be supported by an accompanying meme and your finished meme's URL sent to a specific twitter address do the following:

  1. Save the meme to your pictures library by right clicking of the picture and choosing the option "Save Imagine as..."  You are taken to a location in your pictures library, the default name of your meme is selected and displayed at the bottom left of the page and the place in the library where it will be stored is displayed in the URL BAR.  If satisfied with the name and place click on "Save."
  2. Open a new "Compose new Tweet" window.  Click on the camera icon below & to the left of the "Compose new Tweet" text box.  Find the meme just saved to your pictures library and double click on it.
  3. The hashtag #PJNET goes on every tweet dispatched from #PJNET.  If you know the theme your tweet will be used in, #FAIRtax, #UnBornLivesMatter, etc. add it to the tweet.  Two hashtags per tweet.
  4. Now add the desired text to your tweet.  When you are satisfied with it, hit "Tweet."  When your tweet has been dispatched click on your bio picture and choose the first option "View profile."  Click on the "time stamp" of the tweet.  The URL OF YOUR TWEET IS NOW IN THE URL BAR.  With your curser on or over your tweet's URL, SINGLE RIGHT CLICK on the URL; you have selected the URL.  Now SINGLE LEFT CLICK and select "Copy."  You have copied the URL to your tweet to your clip board.
  5. Start a DM to the twitter account @fredggg01, paste the contents of your clipboard into the DM and hit send.

Your task has been completed!  Thank you.