You have added your effort to that of many other Conservative American Patriots working to have our federal government constrained by the "Chains of the Constitution" as was intended from the beginning. 

By far the most effect you can have on the twitterverse per minute of your time invested, is using the "Featured Tweet Scheduler."  Using this tool, you can schedule up to 100 tweets to be dispatched throughout the day, using LESS THAN 2 MINUTES of your time once you have done it a few times!  To do this...

  1. first watch this less than 5 minute training video on using the "Featured Tweet Scheduler."  https://youtu.be/CKv5Dtr-ZEo
  2. Go to http://patriotjournalist.com/Schedule.php, click on the "Action Page" for today and schedule the Featured Tweets for today.

That's it!  Please make this your top priority EVERY DAY. 

Now for some other matters.

  1. Please follow the twitter account @fredggg01 and use this account for all future communication with me.
  2. Can I call on you to make a tweet for a specific activity if I supply an appropriate meme?
  3. Can/will you make memes to be assigned to others to make tweets of?

Again, thank you for joining the #PJNET team.  Now let's be about Taking Our Country Back.