Based on you bio alone, you would fit "VERY WELL" into the existing #PJNET team.

The #PJNET team consists of

  1. People of Faith in Our Creator God,
  2. People who are conservative minded,
  3. People who believe in SMALL GOVERNMENT bound by the "Chains of Our Constitution,"
  4. People who are Pro-life,
  5. People who "Want Their Country Back," and
  6. People who want to save the America we grew up in for our children and grand children.

If your belief system fits the above, please reply via a DM with the simple message..."I'm In."

You can learn more about the activities #PJNET member engage in by visiting the web site

The political landscape has never been better than it is RIGHT NOW to promote conservative causes.

You may have received this information by some way other than DM from me and would like to be part of this effort.  If so, you can reach me at @ggeett37aaa.  Just tell me you haven't received an invitation but want to be part of this.