containing many rooms and one of those gallery rooms has been assigned to the FAIRtax!  That's right: a FAIRtax meme gallery.

Each room of the gallery can hold up to 100 tweets each with a "Featured Meme."  As a visitor to the gallery, as you browse each meme you have the opportunity to:

  1. Follow the twitter account of the author of the tweet containing the meme,
  2. Re-tweet that tweet and
  3. If you would like to use this meme in a tweet of your own, click on "Use this Meme in Your Own Tweet" above and to the left of the meme.  Now you can wordsmith YOUR OWN TWEET and #PJNET adds that meme and appropriate hashtags to your tweet.
  4. Move along to the next meme in the gallery.

Think about this briefly; how might this progress?  Each week the twitterverse can/will be searched for tweets containing the hashtag #FAIRtax.  If you had dispatched a tweet using one of the "Featured Memes" your tweet should be inserted into the "Meme Gallery" and the original tweet removed.  You can only re-tweet any given tweet authored by someone once.  Keeping the gallery fresh with new authors benefits everyone.

The URL of the 'Meme Gallery' is:


You should BOOKMARK this URL.  It's not available anywhere else!

Now, go to the FAIRtax room of the #PJNET Meme Gallery and enjoy the tour.  Return again and again as you have opportunity!

One last thing: in addition to the "Meme Gallery" there is an "Action Page" for FAIRtax tweets.  This is a list of up to 100 FAIRtax tweets, each having a FAIRtax meme.  Using #PJNET's "Featured Tweet Scheduler" these tweets can be scheduled to be dispatched throughout the day in LESS THAN 2 MINUTES of your time. This should be repeated frequently.