President Trump and Congress will begin "Comprehensive Tax Reform" very soon.  When it's finished this year it is not likely to happen again for AT LEAST 20 YEARS; the last time this was done was over 30 years ago.  If the FAIRtax is going to be considered at all in this period of tax reform there must be a huge outcry of support from We The People; a VERY LARGE majority of congressmen and the congressional leadership DO NOT WANT the #FAIRtax!  They LOVE THE POWER and the CONTROL of We The People that came/comes to them via the income tax and IRS!

There is a list of 50 to 100 tweets supporting and/or calling for the adoption of the FAIRtax at the following URL:


You should bookmark this URL; it is not available anywhere else.

These tweets can be scheduled to be dispatched throughout the day IN LESS THAT TWO MINUTES of your time using the "Featured Tweet Scheduler."  How to use the tweet scheduler is explained in this 5 minute youtu.be video:


New tweets will continue to be added to the list until it has reached its current limit of 100.  Then even more to keep the list of tweets fresh.  I suggest the time between the tweets (explained in the youtu.be video) be set so the entire list will be dispatched in (as close as you can get to) 24 hours.  Then schedule them again.  By the way, the list is scrambled every time it's scheduled so the tweets are not dispatched in the same order.

You are welcome to share the link to this information with your followers!  We need as many tweeters as possible calling for the FAIRtax to be on the TAX REFORM DISCUSSION table UNTIL THIS REFORM HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

You can reach me, FOR WHATEVER REASON, by DM at: @ggeett37 or by email at:  ggeett37@gmail.com or by phone at: 817-606-8648