The direct message which this Sweet Tweet is a part is being sent to the first 4 accounts listed in the first column of the table below.  The other accounts in that first column are mine.  I developed a technique a few weeks ago that has been (very) effective in recruiting new tweeters to our effort.  The accounts listed in the second column came on board between 1.5 to 3 weeks ago; those in the last column joined us in the last week, some of them just today.  The purpose of this message: if you have the time, please send to the accounts in the 2nd & 3rd columns a tweet ,or if they follow you a direct message, thanking them for joining this effort! 

Again, if you have time to Re-Tweet the #FAIRtax tweets, call me at 817-606-8648 noon until 10pm ET any day of the week; I will tell you how to get to them.  You should be near your computer when you call.



First 5 #FAIRtax Tweeters On board 2-3 weeks ago Within a week orr so