Difficult Time to Be a Catholic.


I'm Catholic and I love the Church. I believe that corruption and perversion can't be tolerated and have to be fought every step of the way. Still, I do not have unrealistic expectations of the human organization, which has Christ at its head. When Christ walked the earth. 1/12 of the apostles, were utterly and totally corrupt. All were sinners. Only 1/12 had the guts to be at the foot of the cross. I do not believe we will ever do better than that.

I am also aware that while the Church has struggled with corruption and perversion, it has also become open season on priests. People who hate the Church and want to hurt priests and get a payday, file false reports constantly. I pray for the Church. I pray for the holy priests and I pray for the corrupt ones. I pray for the bishops. I pray for a naive, Pope who I will be obedient to, when required. I pray for confused social justice warriors who try to portray the Pope as being far more liberal than he is. I pray for so called "Reformers" who really only desire to destroy the Church.

I try to go to mass daily. This is not because I'm holy. It is because I have a desperate need for holiness. I am a sinner, who needs to receive the grace of the Eucharist, as often as possible.