Notes on Faith: 3 Types


1. The Gift of Faith: God either gives it to us, or He doesn't. It is free and undeserved. We can't earn it. We can however, hope for it. We can pray for it. We are also free to accept or reject God's gift.

2. Faith as a result of action: We study religion, theology, scripture, and science. We observe the world around us. We, like Mary did, ponder things in our heart. We come to a set of beliefs that we can't prove. There are things we believe are likely. We must search and study to aquire a strong amount of this type of faith.

3. Faith as a decision: We choose to believe. Even when our doubts are at there worst, we live our lives as though we believe. We remain faithful and true to the decision we have made.

All three types are important. While I reiterate that we can't earn and do not deserve the first type, and I cannot prove what I am about to say, I belive God will give the gift of faith to anyone who sincerely hopes for it, prays for it, and works hard at aquiring and living by the 2nd and 3rd types of faith.

I am paticularly blessed and lucky to have the amount of faith I do. I have sinned far more, than many who have been given much less. I will keep my eye on Christ. I will dare to hope for even more blessings. I have faith that God has much more in store for me.