Here's why INDEPENDENT VOTERS and CONSERVATIVES, without regard to party affiliation, should work together to defeat as many congressional incumbents IN THEIR 2018 PRIMARIES as possible.  Here's the way federal elections USUALLY go:

  1. Only the most fervent, die-hard democrats and republicans vote in their party's primary, thereby selecting the two contestants for the November election.
  2. The winner of the November election was very likely determined by state legislators who gerrymandered your congressional district, CD, immediately after the last national census.
  3. So the results of this election, just as all previous ones, were determined by a VERY FEW, MOSTLY PARTY LOYALISTS and your PROFESSIONAL STATE POLITICIANS.


  1. Beginning within the next few weeks, hopefully by Labor Day, at least a few (3 to 10) independents and conservatives within each of the congressional districts should be meeting to discuss who should run against the incumbent in his/her primary.  The qualifications of these sought after candidates are few; (1) honest, (2) unflawed reputation, (3) dedicated to the constitution (4) willing to serve and (5) it would be nice if the prospective candidate was an advocate for the #FAIRtax and wanted to #AbolishIRS.
  2. Planning for election day should begin as soon as possible.  KNOW THE RULES!  Voters working for change MUST ENSURE THEY CAN VOTE IN THE INCUMBENT'S PARTY PRIMARY.  In Texas, where I live, it's very simple.  Texas, and 13 or so other states, have "open primaries."  On the day of the primary election any registered voter can show up at the voting place for their precinct and vote in either the democratic or republican primary.  MOST states have closed primaries; you must be a registered member of a party to vote in its primary!  BUT you can change, or even initiate, your party affiliation and register in the party of the incumbent.  BE AWARE; there are deadlines for this action!  KNOW THE RULES!  I know it may seem unsavory to register as a member of a party, or the other party, but just hold your nose, if you must, and do it!  It's legal and our REPUBLIC IS AT RISK.  Everyone committed to the defeat of their incumbent congressman should encourage other like-minded patriots to do the same.
  3. In my congressional district many precincts have no republican chairman.  Among the privileges of a precinct chairman is a list of the contact information, including telephone numbers, of ALL MEMBERS OF THE PARTY in that precinct, provided by the party leadership.  Precinct chairmen can be as partisan as they wish during the primary but are expected to vote for the party nominee in the general election.  The planning group mentioned in item 1 above should try to have a precinct chair in both parties.
  4. There is an office, probably in the capitol city of your state, which keeps voting results for all state wide elections held in your state for the last 10 or 20 years.  Get a copy of it; those results will likely be useful to you.
  5. In the county seat where you live, there is a office that keeps a record of all registered voters in your county.  So does every other county in your congressional district.  Call these offices and get copies of those records; THESE WILL BE USEFUL TO YOU.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT!  Please contact me via email at to inform me if you are going to do this in your congressional district.  Be sure to identify the state and CD; e.g. TX6, and your first and last name.  I'll try to put you in touch with other like minded folk in your CD.
  7. Finally, I've worked in two campaigns trying to defeat my incumbent representative and we failed both times.  BUT I learned a lot in those efforts and a lot more since then.  I'm not a novice at this but neither am I an expert: if you have an idea you think would make the contents of this message better, send the idea(s) to me at the above email address and I'll edit this, maybe several times, to make it as complete and useful as possible.  So the content of this message may change but the link to it will not.  So you may want to preserve this link:

I pray and ask you to join me in this prayer: "God...please...bless our effort to reclaim the America You so blessed in its beginning.  Amen."