American Patriots Must Begin Draining The DC Swamp Now


As per the self-imposed "RULES of the US House of Representatives," any/all legislation dealing with taxes/taxation must originate in, AND be approved by, the House Ways and Means Committee (W&M) BEFORE it can be considered by the House of Representatives as a whole.  Think about the ramifications of this House rule.  How do you feel about that?  Do you think that's reasonable?

Kevin Brady (R-TX8), current chair of the W&M, began his service in congress and was simultaneously added as a member of the W&M, in 1997.  The non-congress-corrupting FAIRtax, a national sales tax designed to replace the continually-congress-corrupting income tax, was developed shortly thereafter.  HR25, the FAIRtax Act, was first introduced in congress on July 14, 1999.  A substantially similar bill has been reintroduced in each subsequent session of Congress.  The original bill was referred to W&M where it has languished for almost 20 years never having been acted on!

Kevin Brady, as just a member of H&W, was a cosponsor of the FAIRtax bill, HR 25, from January 2013 until he replaced Paul Ryan, then chair of W&M, when Ryan became speaker of the house on October 29, 2015.  Some believe Speaker Ryan appointed Brady chairman of W&M with the condition that Brady no longer support or advocate for the FAIRtax.  Others believe Brady only cosponsored HR 25 to gain favor with, and the votes of, ardent FAIRtax supporting constituents.  Either way, Kevin Brady is no friend of America or Americans and neither is Paul Ryan!

Even a casual reading of the less than 135 page HR 25, FAIRtax Act, reveals the FAIRtax IS GREATLY SUPERIOR to the income tax in many areas,  Here is a list of just A FEW OF THEM:

  2. significantly increases the tax base,
  3. no annual filing of any reports by tax-payers ever again,
  4. an effective monthly pre-bate, to pay the FAIRtax on ALL purchases up to the poverty level, is provided to every American household resulting in COMPLETELY UNTAXING the working poor,
  5. an estimated 9 % increase in GDP in the first year, 3 times larger than what tweaking the income tax code can be expected to produce,
  6. makes the USA the financial and manufacturing hubs of the world and

All this has been known since 1999, but completely ignored by the W&M.  Many, far too many, congressmen GREATLY favor the income tax over the FAIRtax because it supports their corrupt schemes to TRADE TAX FAVORS TO CORPORATIONS in exchange to money to fund their re-election campaigns and enrich themselves and family members (Read EXTORTION by Peter Schweizer for details.)

Many congressmen have sacrificed the BETTERMENT OF AMERICA and of AMERICANS for personal gain for nearly 20 years.  They deserve to, and should, be defeated in their 2018 primaries.  Kevin Brady and Paul Ryan should be first in line.

But, so should every current member of the House Ways and Means Committee and many other members of congress!  But that's the subject of another tweet.