Speaker Ryan on Tax Reform


House Speaker Paul Ryan called for tax reform Monday night, August 21, at a town hall in Racine, Wisconsin where he said the following:

“We are losing businesses left and right and this is among the reasons why we have to have fundamental tax reform.”

Congress loves the sound of the phrase "FUNDAMENTAL TAX REFORM" and the feeling of hopeful tax relief it generates among America's body politic when they say it.  But, Speaker Ryan's idea of "FUNDAMENTAL TAX REFORM" is tweaking the IRS INCOME TAX CODE.  Business income tax rates will be lowered from "among the highest in the world" to somewhat lower.  But businesses will still have their earning taxed. 

Any tax on business IS BAD FOR BUSINESS.  The truth about businesses paying taxes is...THEY DON'T; they just collect it by increased costs of the goods and services they provide!  Ryan knows this!  As chairman of the House Ways and Means committee prior to becoming speaker of the house, it was his responsibility to know.  Furthermore, very knowledgeable FAIRtax advocates sat in his office and personally informed him of all this and hand-delivered to him much information on the benefits of the FAIRtax to America and Americans.

But none of this means anything to Ryan or other congressmenThey greatly favor the income tax.  It supports THEIR CORRUPT ACTIVITIES in congress.  It generates cash for their re-election campaigns; enriches them personally as well as their friends and relatives.  Ryan and many other congressmen are USING THE INCOME TAX to SCREW OVER, and CONTROL, WE AMERICAN CITIZENS.  So, relative to Ryan's HIGHER ORDER PRIORITIES he simply doesn't give a damn about America or Americans.

There's a simple solution to all this.

  1. Defeat Ryan, and as many of the other corrupt congressmen as possible, in the 2018 PRIMARIES.  Here's how: -->  http://PatriotJournalist.com/TweetSweet.php?c=1030 

  2. Push to adopt the FAIRtax, HR 25.  It's a national sales tax NOT SUBJECT TO CONGRESSIONAL CORRUPTION and has many benefits for America and her citizens.  Learn more about it here; https://fairtax.org.

  3. Support the Convention of States (https://www.conventionofstates.com/) effort in your state.  We need to amend the constitution to ensure congress can't do this to America EVER AGAIN.