One Of Many Reasons I'm So Very Proud Of

President Trump


What follows is the closing paragraph of a piece written by David Horowitz and published in

"An American patriotism – which is precisely not about blood and soil, which is the antithesis of racism and collectivism - is what drives Trump and his presidency. If we are loyal to our country we will be loyal to each other; if we have patriotism in our hearts there will be no room for prejudice; we are black and brown and white but we all bleed patriot red. This is the mantra of Trump’s inaugural address; it was the mantra of his announcement of a new strategy to fight the terrorists in Afghanistan; and it is the mantra behind the call to “make America great again.” Patriotism – a specifically American patriotism – is the loyalty that unites us and makes us equal. It is this patriotism with which the political left is at war, and the reason they hate this president and are determined to destroy him."

Here's the link to the whole article, a rather lengthy read but I found it VERY INFORMATIVE AND ENLIGHTENING.


A possible explanation: Many, perhaps most, leftist progressives were/are disciples of Saul Alinsky.  In his book, Rules for Radicals, while responding to this question by one of his trainees "What do you do when your principles conflict with the actions contemplated?" Alinsky replied and I paraphrase, "Don't let your principles get in the way of your mission."  I think this explains the frequent and bold lies of Obama and Hillary, both disciples of Alinsky.  Perhaps many in the main street media are also disciples of Alinsky.  This would explain their daily lies and "distortions of the truth."  One simply SHOULD NOT take anything a progressive writes or says at face value because so many of them "don't let principles deter them from their mission to destroy the Trump presidency."