The 21 States Having "OPEN" PRIMARIES

An "OPEN" PRIMARY in a state means this: on the day of the primary election, any REGISTERED voter can appear at his/her prescient voting place and vote in the primary of the party of their choice; democrat, republican, or any other party in the state!  In any other state, one must have been a registered member of the political party for some number of days prior to the primary in order to vote in that party's primary.  For this reason, it's much easier to defeat an incumbent representative if that representative serves in a state with an open primary. 

The 2 figures below show the same data in a spread sheet sorted in 2 different ways.  Both figures show the state's name, the number of congressional districts in it and the date of the 2018 primary in that state.  The figure on your left has the data sorted by the state's name in alphabetical order.  The figure on your right has the data sorted by date of the state primaries, the earlier primaries first.  (A link to the overall plan is below the 2 figures.)



The plan to DEFEAT ANY INCUMBENT REPRESENTATIVE can be accessed by clicking of the following link: