Tips For Recruiting Volunteers

  1. Independent voters probably do not vote in the primaries.  They are probably at least as upset with the status quo than you are.  They should be a good source of help in this effort. 
  2. Strong supporters of president Trump should be very eager to help him to #DrainTheSwamp.  They may prove to be the most enthusiastic volunteers.
  3. The incumbent representative is probably a democrat or republican.  Try to recruit people who would normally vote for the candidate of the "other party;" especially if they usually vote in the general election BUT NOT THE PRIMARY.  (See info on Registered Voters.)  What do they possibly have to lose?  It's a lot easier to defeat an incumbent in his/her primary than in the general election.
  4. Some ONE INDIVIDUAL should be the TEAM'S LEADER of the recruiting effort BUT every team member should BE A RECRUITER!  THE LEADER of the recruiting should have business cards printed with his/her name and contact information on them.  Every member of the team should have several of these cards on their person at all time.  They should give one of these cards to every GOOD PROSPECTIVE VOLUNTEER they encounter!  Every team member should give a few of these cards to people they meet who are sympathetic to the cause including beauticians, barbers, attorneys, CPAs, members of the clergy; anyone who interacts with people in one-on-one setting.  This person should create an email distribution list for effective communication; make volunteers in the same precinct aware of each other; every email message should contain the reminder "everyone is expected to recruit new members" for the team.
  5. Good places to find recruits:

            *parents of children who attend the same school(s) your child(ren).  This should be done one-on-one; NOT in a PTA meeting.
            *your neighbors
            *your family
            *others in your car pool
            *people in your church or Sunday School class,
            *members of the local Women's Club,
            *members of the Country Club,
            *Kiwanis Club, etc.


Finally. the TEAM'S RECRUING LEADER should keep a spread sheet with at least the following information on each volunteer:

  1. Name
  2. Prescient number
  3. Address
  4. Phone number
  5. Email address
  6. How many times have one of their contacts answered YES to the question "Can I count on your vote on primary election day?"


You cannot have too many volunteers!