A Plan To Defeat Incumbent US Representatives

No more selling or convincing.  Those who receive this message have committed themselves to DEFEAT THEIR INCUMBENT REPRESENTATIVE.
  1. It's already the end of August 2017.  As soon as you can, convene a group of 3 to 7 people you know in your congressional district to discuss/determine who should run against the incumbent in the primary.  The qualifications of this person are few; (1) honest, (2) unflawed reputation, (3) dedicated to the constitution (4) willing to serve and (5) it would be nice if the candidate was an advocate for the FAIRtax and wanted to abolish the IRS.
  2. As soon as the challenger to the incumbent is chosen, someone in this inner circle should volunteer, or be appointed as, the person IN CHARGE OF RECRUITING volunteers.  Here are some tips for that person:  "Tips On Recruiting Volunteers" .  There is ONLY ONE "Chief of Recruiting" but every team member should be a recruiter!  You just can't have too many volunteers. 
  3. Planning for election day should begin immediately after a challenger is selected.  KNOW THE RULES!  It's easiest if you live in one of the 21 states having OPEN PRIMARIES.  These states are listed in the following link:  http://PatriotJournalist.com/TweetSweet.php?c=1033.  In these states any registered voter can go to the designated polling place and vote in the party primary of their choice.  In all other states it's tricky!  You have to be a registered member of the party to vote in its primary!  You can change, or initiate a, party affiliation but there are processes and deadlines.  IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW THE RULES!
  4. In the political structure of most, if not all, congressional districts, both major parties try to have a "prescient chairman" in every prescient.  It's very likely many of the prescient chair slots are unfilled.  Among the privileges of a precinct chairman is a list of the contact information, including telephone numbers, of ALL PARTY MEMBERS in that precinct, provided by the party leadership.  Precinct chairmen can be as partisan as they wish during the primary but are expected to vote for the party nominee in the general election.  The planning group mentioned in item 1 above should try to have a prescient chair in both parties in each prescient.  This is probably not achievable but should be a goal.  EVERY VOLUNTEER SHOULD BE A PRESCIENCT CHAIRPERSON.  The information gathered in this way WILL BE INVALUABLE.
  5. There is an office, probably in the capitol city of your state, which keeps voting results for all state wide elections held in your state for the last 10 to 20 years.  Get a copy of it; those results will be useful to you.
  6. In the county seat where you live, there is a office that keeps a record of all registered voters in your county.  So does every other county.  Call these offices and get copies of those records; These results will be useful to you.
  7. Finally, I've worked in two campaign teams trying to defeat my incumbent representative and we failed both times.  BUT I learned a lot in those efforts and a lot more since then.  I'm not a novice at this but neither am I an expert: if you have an idea you think would make the contents of this message better, send the idea(s) to me by email at ggeett37@gmail.com and I'll edit this, maybe several times, to make it as complete and useful as possible.  So the content of this message may change but the link to it will not.  So you may want to preserve this link:


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Prayer works so let's do it!