Below is a letter I sent to Marco Rubio(R) Florida. I started with a little hook so he knew I haven't forgotten his last attempt to betray his Conservative campaign promises. You can probably find something to remind your Senator or Representative that they aren't indispensable. Reply to my tweet if you have any comments about what else citizens should make sure is part of immigration reform. Please pass this around to your friends so they can email and write their Congresspersons. USE THE FORCE of your pen and your vote to help crush the evil empire and restore the REPUBLIC! Senator Rubio, Do not make the mistake you did with the 'Gang of Eight' bill. There can be no DACA replacement without the border WALL and the RAISE Act first. The replacement DACA bill must be very narrow in scope. The applicants must have previously applied for DACA and applied for citizenship. Anyone considered must have COMPLETED high school already. No 30 yr old still in adult education is qualified to stay. They must have been continuously employed. They must be fluent in English. No felony ARRESTS, ever! No CONVICTIONS of any kind. The screening requirements must be rigorous with no appeal. These people aren't citizens so they are NOT entitled to any special circumstances or Constitutional protections. The first consideration with any immigration policy has to be CITIZENS and the future of their children. The illegal DACA was nothing more than an attempt by President Obama to grow the shrinking Democrat voting base. For the future of my children and yours, the US must stop allowing the free flow of illegals and refugees, who only come here with bad intentions. Sincerely, William Spielberger