We Need HUGH CHANGE In US House Membership In 2018

Kevin Brady R-TX8 and Devin Nunes R-CA22 are BOTH SENIOR MEMBERS of House Ways & Means Committee.  Brady is its chairman and has served on this committee since he was first elected to the House in 1997.  Nunes was first elected to congress 2003 and has served on the Ways and Means committee since 2011; maybe before. 

The FAIRtax

A national sales tax designed by economists to replace the income tax, has been in this committee's possession since 1999.  ALL LEGISLATION DEALING WITH TAXATION MUST ORIGINATE IN THIS COMMITTEE.  Yet the FAIRtax Act, HR25, has never been formally considered by, or voted on, by the committee.  America's economy and Americans' financial welfare would be SO MUCH BETTER if the FAIRtax was adopted!

BUT CONGRESSMEN DO NOT WANT THE INCOME TAX REPLACED...because it is the source of so much of their POWER and their CONTROL of We The People.  Do you ever wonder why the IRS tax code is over 70,000 pages long?  It's amended on average MORE OFTEN THAN ONCE PER DAY!  That's Congressmen trading "tax favors" to the rich and well-positioned in return for contributions to their re-election campaign coffers.  Congressmen also extort money from corporations and big businesses; read EXTORTION by Peter Schweizer.  Congressmen then use their ill-gotten-gain to enrich themselves, their family members and perhaps their friends.  MANY OF THEM SHOULD BE IN PRISON.

Every member of the House Ways and Means committee should be defeated in their 2018 PRIMARY.  The membership of this committee are shown in the table below.

Unless you have VERY GOOD REASON to re-elect your representative whether a member of this committee or not, please try to defeat him/her in the 2018 PRIMARY.  Here's how to do it: "The PLAN."