We Need CHANGE In US House Membership ASAP...Beginning With It's

Ways and Means Committee

Kevin Brady R-TX-8 and Richard Neal D-MA-1 are the highest seniority republican and democrat members of the House Ways & Means Committee.  Brady is its chairman and has served on this committee since he first served in the House in 1997.  Neal has served even longer in congress having first served in congress in 1989.  As leaders in their respective parties, and certainly in their service on this committee, both of them have betrayed America and Americans. This betrayal has been going on for a very long time.


As required by the constitution ALL LEGISLATION DEALING WITH TAXATION MUST ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES and as required by the "Rules of the House," ALL LEGISLATION DEALING WITH TAXATION MUST ORIGINATE IN THE WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE.  The FAIRtax, a national sales tax designed by economists to replace the income tax, has languished in this committee since 1999.   The FAIRtax Act, HR25, has never been formally considered by, and voted on, by the committee!  America's economy and Americans' financial welfare would have been SO MUCH BETTER if the FAIRtax had been adopted!  BUT STILL...our future will be so much better if the FAIRtax IS ADOPTED ASAP!


This is because the income tax together with the IRS is the source of so much of their POWER and their CONTROL over/of We The People.  Do you ever wonder why the IRS tax code is over 70,000 pages long?  It's amended on average MORE THAN ONCE PER DAY!  That's Congressmen trading "tax favors" to the rich and well-positioned in return for contributions to their re-election campaign coffers.  Congressmen also extort money from big businesses; read EXTORTION by Peter Schweizer for details.  Congressmen then use this ill-gotten-gain to enrich themselves and their family members and get re-elected.  MANY OF THEM SHOULD BE IN PRISON.

Unless you have VERY GOOD REASON to re-elect your representative, whether a member of this committee or not, please try to defeat him/her in the 2018 PRIMARY.  Here's how to do it:



The membership of the Ways and Means committee is shown in the table below.

  1. The number above the representative's picture is thought to represent the representative's seniority IN THE COMMITTEE.
  2. The first line below the picture in the representative's name.
  3. The second line below the picture is the representative's political party, the state and congressional district he/she represents and finally, the year in which he/she first served in the House of Representatives.  If the representative will have served in congress 15 years or more in congress at the end of this term, the color of the year is red.  It is doubtful a constitutional amendment limiting time served in congress will exceed 15 years when the Convention of States is eventually called.  Such an amendment is expected to be the first proposed constitutional amendment coming from the convention.  We shouldn't wait for it to happen; #PrimaryThem now!



Kevin Brady

R-TX-8 1997


Richard Neal

D-MA-1 1989


Vern Buchanan

R-FL-16 2006


Sam Johnson

R-TX-3 1991


David Reichert

R-WA-8 2005


Peter Roskam

R-IL-6 2007


Adrian Smith

R-NE-3 2007


Patrick Tiberi

R-OH-12 2001


Danny Davis

D-IL-7 1997


Lloyd Doggett

D-TX-35 1995


John Larson

D-CT-1 1999


Sander Levin

D-MI-9 1983


John Lewis

D-GA-5 1987


Bill Pascrell

D-NJ-9 1997


Mike Bishop

R-MI-8 2015


Diane Black

R-TN-6 2011


Earl Blumenauer

D-OR-3 1997


Judy Chu

D-CA-27 2009


Joseph Crowley

D-NY-14 1999


Carlos Curbelo

R-FL-26 2015


Suzan DelBene

D-WA-1 2013


Brian Higgins

D-NY-26 2005


George Holding

R-NC-2 2013


Lynn Jenkins

R-KS-2 2009


Mike Kelly

R-PA-3 2011


Ron Kind

D-WI-3 1997


Kenny Marchant

R-TX-24 2005


Patrick Meehan

R-PA-7 2011


Kristi Noem

R-SD 2011


Devin Nunes

R-CA-22 2003


Erik Paulsen

R-MN-3 2009


Tom Reed II

R-NY-23 2010


James Renacci

R-OH-16 2011


Tom Rice

R-SC-7 2013


David Schweikert

R-AZ-5 2011


Terri Sewell

D-AL-7 2011


Jason Smith

R-MO-8 2013


Linda Sánchez

D-CA-38 2003


Mike Thompson

D-CA-5 1999


Jackie Walorski

R-IN-2 2013