The Hashtag #PrimaryThem


Here's hoping you plan to execute the activity in the congressional district you live in that's suggested by this hashtag.

There is a "MEME GALLERY" for the hashtag #PrimaryThem, with a training video, at the following URL:


If you click on the link above, you will be taken to a web page where there are over 20 tweets, with memes, supporting the hashtag #PrimaryThem.  As you scroll down the list of tweets you can re-tweet any of them AND/OR you can wordsmith a tweet of your own using any, or all, of the almost 20 memes displayed there.  The number of memes on display there will be increased to 50 as soon as the memes are available.

There is also an "ACTION PAGE" for the hashtag #PrimaryThem at the following URL:


Currently there are about 35 tweets in/on this ACTION PAGE which you can SCHEDULE TO BE DISPATCHED throughout the day IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES of your time using the #PJNET "Featured Tweet Scheduler." The process is explained in a 5 minute video located at the following URL:


 If you are a FAIRtaxer, there is a FAIRtax ACTION PAGE populated with 100 tweets supporting the FAIRtax at the following URL:


If/when the FAIRtax (a national sales tax designed by economists) is adopted, it will REPLACE ALL TAXES ON INCOME; America's GDP is expected to increase about 9% the first year; the IRS will be abolished within a few years; America will become the manufacturing and financial hubs of the world.  It's very important to raise national awareness of the FAIRtax because



Please schedule the #PrimaryThem tweets AT LEAST 3 days each week; likewise for the #FAIRtax tweets if you support its adoption.

You should bookmark ALL URLs in this document.  There URLs are not available elsewhere.

Some thought should be given to the time interval between scheduled tweets.  Recommendation: tweets supporting any given hashtag should be dispatched over a 10 to 15 hour period of the day.  BTW, the list of scheduled tweets is scrambled each time the list is scheduled.  This is very good for those having, and using, more than one twitter account.

You can reach me by DM at: @ggeett37aaa or by email: or by phone: 817-606-8648 noon until 11pm ET daily.