#RedMeat Help Page

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What is #RedMeat (and why should I care)?

#RedMeat is organized team tweeting and retweeting. Our featured #RedMeat tweets are wordsmithed to proclaim a unified, standardized conservative message. The featured tweets will change from time to time, so check back often for updated featured tweets. But it's more than just good content. As patriots visit the site, they are encouraged to retweet participants who have tweeted using the featured #RedMeat tweet button! During scheduled events a team of patriots assemble in the live chat room. While the "Tweet Brigade" is assembled, we are monitoring the featured tweets and we RT them almost as soon as they appear on the timeline!

Everybody Wins

So - you're not alone tweeting into thin air. You're not being asked to tweet #RedMeat just for God and country or to promote someone else's cause or website. Because #RedMeat actively solicits other patriots to retweet you when you participate, you become part of a meaurable movement. Even if you've only got a few followers, as your #RedMeat tweet gets retweeted, you're visibility on Twitter is enhanced - helping you get more solid patriot followers.

The #RedMeat live chat room is available 24/7 and is a great place to network and meet other patriots. During scheduled events the host will be showing interesting, relevant, and sometimes even entertaining YouTube videos. You may even catch a live Ustream broadcast!

#RedMeat is online 24/7 as a service of Patriot Journalist Network. You don't have to wait for a scheduled event. Stop by any time to participate. Better yet, team up with your friends to organize your own #RedMeat team tweeting session.

Would you like to sponsor your own #RedMeat scheduled event? You can wordsmith your own conservative #RedMeat featured tweets to appear on the #RedMeat home page for others to tweet and retweet. Contact us to find out more.